Whether your wedding has

bright lights or soft music,

flowers or dancing,

kisses or laughter,

suits or sandals,

mountains or cathedrals,

we want to be part of capturing what is special about your day.


Someday Somewhere are two mad keen photographers working together to create beautiful images from the humans we encounter.



Who are we?

Having known each other since our high school days, we are a photography team with over 20 years experience between us. Our shared vision is to be photographers that are observant but unobtrusive. We believe that to capture the best images is to make sure you have the best time. Leave the rest to us.

Jason Lau

Jason Lau

I come from a fine art background and originally studied painting before discovering the camera, and with it, a whole new way of making artworks. Being a curious person, having a camera in my hand is like a passport to interact with people and places around me; to question, explore and communicate the things I see. I have a love for light and the cinematic mood it evokes. This has all led me to becoming a photography teacher, sharing my passion with my students. I’ve since moved on from teaching as I wanted to be back in the action!



Greg Briggs

Greg Briggs

I have always been interested in capturing moments and telling stories through my photos. I enjoy making a connection with people and ensuring they feel at ease in front of a camera. My photographic style is that of a quiet observer seeking to capture the perfect moment to tell a particular story. I love to inform and surprise, seeking out the unexpected, constantly looking to scratch below the surface. Having previously worked as a designer, my photography has a sense of space, balance and symmetry, combined with a strong understanding of light and all its magical possibilities.

Why two of us?

Individually, each of us are more than capable of covering your wedding day. However, over our years of photographing weddings, we’ve realised that a wedding day is full of fleeting moments that are better captured from more than one perspective. Our combined observations create richer and more diverse stories of your day.